Abundance Tools for Recovery, Prosperity and
Creating a Peaceful Balanced Life

Recovery  Tools

How to Break the Debt Cycle – For Good!

Stop allowing your debt to control you. Easily and effortlessly set up a sound strategy for catching up on your current bills, paying off your old debts and creating a permanent savings plan. If you feel like debt has power over you, the material in this CD and workbook set will virtually erase your fears and give you a sense of greater financial security almost overnight.
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Bounce Back From Bankruptcy

This 262-page book walks you step by step through everything you need to do to raise your credit score, get affordable rates on credit cards, car loans, mortgages and more. Your life is not over because you’ve declared bankruptcy! Don’t wait another minute to start rebuilding your credit and regaining control over your finances. Pick up your copy of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy today and discover how you can reclaim your life after bankruptcy.
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How to Manifest a Debt Free and Prosperous Life

You CAN Manifest a Debt-Free and Prosperous Life! Overcome the fears that keep you trapped in debt. Discover what’s TRULY keeping you from having the life you desire – and how to overcome those obstacles and become debt-free for good! This live recorded teleseminar offers tips and tools to transform the way you think and feel about money.
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Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt

Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt is truly a monumental book. This is the FIRST book to combine debt reduction, organizing, time management and prosperity principles all in one place. The result is truly astonishing. In 20 minutes or less, you can take control of your clutter and debt. In 20 minutes or less, you will gain an easy and effortless way to create perfect balance in your life. Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt contains thirty sections, each corresponding with a day of the month. The magnificent thing about this electronic book is that you can start wherever you are and still get to your destination of being clutter- and debt-free in 20 minutes or less a day.
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Heal Your Relationship With Money

Reading this FREE e-book and workbook is the most important step you can take if you’re serious about creating change in your life. All it takes is a willingness to heal, or at least a willingness to see what it is that is calling to be healed in your life around various issues. This e-book offers an adventurous look at one of your primary relationships: your relationship with money. Read the 35-page Heal Your Relationship With Money e-booklet, then re-read it and answer the questions in the 28-page Heal Your Relationship With Money workbook and watch how your beliefs about money are effortlessly transformed.
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Prosperity Tools

21 Days to a More Abundant Life

If you could choose between being prosperous or being impoverished, which would you choose? Consciously, you probably said “prosperous!” But your subconscious mind is constantly sending messages out that reinforce your beliefs in lack and limitation. It’s time for you to break free of those beliefs! Start building the life you really want. Discover the building blocks you need to start thriving and learn how to use those tools in your everyday life, throughout your current daily routine.

Manifest greater abundance in all areas of your life – with ease and grace. Abundance isn’t just about money. It’s about having increased health, peace of mind, wisdom, love and joy in our relationships. It’s about tapping into the flow of giving and receiving without shame, guilt or fear. Abundance is about knowing, truly knowing, that you have enough, are enough, and do enough, right now. This workbook and 2-CD set will transform your world in just 3 short weeks.
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How to Create Supercharged Intentions that Effortlessly Manifest

Are you ready to create profound change in your life in one hour? Hold onto your hat! Whatever you want CAN be yours, right here, right now, as thousands who have experienced Paula’s message have discovered. The way you set your intention makes the difference between ho-hum results that bring you “sort of” what you wanted and super results that bring you EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted — with NO negative consequences or sacrifices! In this studio recorded session, Paula shares specific strategies for supercharging your intentions and custom designs nearly 100 super-charged intentions for manifesting what you want to be, do or experience in the next 30 days.
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Feng Shui Bagua Treasure Map

Treasure Mapping is an incredibly powerful visual way to create the life you’ve always dreamed of having. Set your intentions in a form you can see and feel. This spirit-filled and fun-filled tool includes a short guided meditation and a rapid fire automatic writing exercise that will help you create a treasure map that stays fresh longer and supercharges your intentions.
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Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing

Did you know there are actually SEVEN ways to tithe – and only one of them has ANYTHING to do with money! What keeps people from tithing?

  • Fear of not having enough
  • Fear of giving to the wrong places, for the wrong reasons
  • Fear of being taken advantage of

Helping people overcome those fears is the cornerstone of Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing. This new book explores and explains tithing in its original context – which predates Biblical tithing, predates Christian tithing, predates any religious connection to tithing and returns tithing to its rightful place. Tithing is about connecting with Spirit, connecting with Source, connecting with whatever name you give to God. Whether you’ve never heard of tithing before, are a long-time tither with questions, or have a negative impression of tithing, this book contains the key that will unlock a whole new universe of abundance in your life.
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Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Study Guide

Want to experience more joy, peace and abundance this year, regardless of what the economy is doing? This free 10-week tithing mastery course will help you easily and effortlessly break through the self-sabotaging behaviors that have kept you from experiencing the limitless abundance that is your birthright. Release fears of tithing and discover the true nature and power of this incredible prosperity tool. Easily and effortlessly begin to tithe a full 10% (or more!) of all the abundance that comes to you. Unlike many other tithing success programs, which teach tithing as a “give to get” tool, this program teaches tithing as a way to say “thank you” for what you’ve already received. This subtle difference can turn you into a lifelong joyful tither. Imagine a life lived with an innate knowing that you are a child of the Universe. Imagine the peace of mind and self-confidence that comes with the assurance that all is well. Download this free study guide today to complement your copy of Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing.
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Peaceful Balanced Life Tools

How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Mate

Are you single and desiring to be in a relationship? Are you looking to bring a greater sense of love and respect to your current relationship? In this hour, Paula provides you with concrete strategies for working through the issues that keep you from opening up and embracing the love you truly desire. Set your personal intention and use the activities outlined in this CD/MP3 to create the relationship you deserve.
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How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Job

It’s easy to make a laundry list of what you don’t like in your current or last job. It’s harder to identify what you truly want in a job or in creating your own business. In this hour, Paula walks you through proven strategies to help you pinpoint what you truly want in your work world — from the hours and salary you deserve to the attitudes of your co-workers and boss! In this CD/MP3 Paula creates personalized strategies to help you release the job you hate and embrace the job you love.
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How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Clients

This CD/MP3 will show you how to easily and effortlessly draw clients to you. Not just any clients, either. You’ll discover proven strategies to uncover and dissolve inner obstacles to having the clients you truly desire; gain perfect clarity on what you want in an ideal client. Never, ever again have to “sell” yourself to anyone, anytime. Discover how to fully value the work you do – and have others effortless see that value. Create an energetic force field that will have clients begging you to work with them! Discover how to create client relationships that continuously build your business and raise your company to the level of success you truly desire. Stop worrying about getting or keeping clients and start expanding the way you do business without stress. Read More about How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Clients

Face to Face Meditation

Inspirational singer/songwriter Renelle West and popular prosperity advisor/empowerment speaker Paula Langguth Ryan offer three 20-minute meditations of spoken word and music to quiet and comfort the soul. Profound effects have been experienced by everyone who listens to this CD/MP3, including people with autism.
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