What you’ll learn from Paula Langguth Ryan
is unlike anything you’ve ever learned about money.
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paula langguth ryan

Paula Langguth Ryan combines practical personal financial tips with metaphysical prosperity principles to help you heal your relationship with money … so you can tap your true potential and live the life of abundance you were born to live.

I have just one question for you:

“Are  you ready to heal your relationship with money?”

Ryan has made it her life’s mission to give people the resources they need to change the way they think and feel about money — so you can achieve personal prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. She takes all the bits and pieces you’ve learned about prosperity and connects the dots and fills in the blanks, to help you put it all together and create lasting change in your life.


Once bankrupt herself, Ryan is the author of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Back On Your Financial Feet, 4th Ed and Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing (get the first chapter free!). Paula has appeared on local and national television and radio shows including WOR’s The Dolans, with Ken and Daria Dolan; PBS’ Financial Freedom, and NBC’s Today in New York. She writes a groundbreaking prosperity e-zine, “The Art of Abundance” and lectures nationwide. To find out more about her prosperity coaching services, or to obtain a free 1-year subscription to “The Art of Abundance!” click here to subscribe.

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