Welcome to Day 29 of our 30 day celebration of the 5th Anniversary of
Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, by Paula Langguth Ryan – where we’re answering 30 questions about tithing!

Hi Paula,

At the present moment my life is in complete upheaval. My daughter who has a drug problem has been living with me for 6 months. She has 2 small children ages 2 and 1. She has been doing well however she just relapsed and has not been home for 1 week. I am trying to work and of course the children need so much care. Also my finances are not in the best of shape either. I have been tithing for about 1 year and things have been going well however all of a sudden my life feels to be in shambles. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks – Joanne

Dear Joanne,

Anytime your daughter comes into mind, despite any appearances to the contrary, see her as whole, healed and free from her addictions. Use affirmations and denials:

I deny that drugs have any power over my daughter’s life. I see her as she is: a divine child of God, a good and loving mother, and a secure, self-assured woman. I see her getting all the help she needs, every day and in every way. I know and believe that every event that occurs is for the highest good of all and I see everyone involved in this situation responding with lovingkindness. I see her freed from any and all past addiction now.

Do the same for yourself as well, and be sure to accept all offers of assistance regarding the children and other areas of your life.

Tithing often brings about change – and part of the change that is happening is a shift. Don’t see things as being in shambles – see them as simply being in transition. Keep giving thanks for everything you have in your life and for the right and perfect outcome, despite any appearances to the contrary.

Stay focused only on what you desire for your daughter and for her children and for yourself. If you have a challenge focusing on what you desire, make a list of everything that’s going on that you “don’t” want in your life – and then reframe each thing – “what I want instead is” so you can get to what you really want. Don’t have the “want” or “desire” for anyone else to change their behaviors – simply see them as they truly are – peaceful, healthy, loving, joyful, etc….. Keep me posted!

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan

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