Welcome to Day 28 of our 30 day celebration of the 5th Anniversary of
Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, by Paula Langguth Ryan – where we’re answering 30 questions about tithing!

Hi, Paula!

Blessings to you. I will appreciate it if you could hold an intention for me to obtain alternative employment and income and my family to be secure for the future. I have been notified yesterday that my contract of employment is terminated as the company that I am assigned to wishes to expand and use the services of one of the Big 4 auditing firm.

I have previously been through a bankruptcy. My wife is already stressed out when I told her last night and within a matter of moments caught the flu! She has also been praying for a job/source of income. She started a small business in this regard, but it never got off the ground. Her small base of customers has all dried up. We have experienced car trouble since the beginning of the year and which we have incurred debt thereon. In total, our debt is about R70000 which is just about $11000, including the amount outstanding on the car.

Please give me strength to tithe my full tithe this month even though there is this uncertainty in our lives and the debt levels are higher than we initially wanted. You prayer and assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you. God Bless. – D.M, South Africa

Dear D.M:

I’ve been holding your intentions for you and want to remind you to focus your intention on having an expanded awareness of all the abundance in your life and an expanded awareness that you are financially secure and financially supported today and every day. Be careful not to focus on your good being “out there” in the job or the other income.

Instead of panicking or worrying about what it means that your contract is terminated, see the right and perfect outcome in the situation. See the highest good coming from this change of events, for yourself, your family and everyone involved.

When we pray for a “job/source of income” we are putting our belief and our faith in that job as the source of our good, rather that that infinite energy of the Universe (what I call God). That’s the true source of your good.

Rather than focus on what customers your wife doesn’t have any more, start to focus on the fact that the right and perfect new customers are being easily and effortlessly drawn to your wife now. See her taking action toward what it is she truly desires in building her business. See her holding the consciousness that every person she meets is being uplifted and enlivened by having met her.

Remember that your tithe is your opportunity to say thank you for what you have received, even when what you receive changes in form. There will always be uncertainty and change in our lives. You made a conscious choice to take on new debt rather than deal with the car trouble in another way. Honor that choice rather than beating yourself up for increasing your debt load. See every step you take as being a choice you’re making to bring yourself closer to your goal, or further from your goal. Don’t judge the choices. Just honor them.

The same goes for the choices your employer makes. Honor their choices. Thank them for the opportunities they’ve given you to be of service to them and see them prospering in all good ways. When you do this, you open up the opportunity for you to see your prosperity as well.

Where do you and your wife want to focus your attention and energy? Focus your attention and energy on what you want to create: that you know, with absolute certainty, that all your needs are easily and effortlessly met today. Be present today. Ask yourself what the next right and perfect step is to take toward knowing this truth. And then take that action, without fear, without worry, without doubt.

Instead of focusing on what we desire, we often attempt to create change or manipulate events by doing things to get what we don’t want to go away. This is like having anti-war rallies instead of peace marches. If you persist in focusing on what you don’t want, or you take action based on fear, worry or doubt, you’re only going to perpetuate what it is you don’t want.

Instead, focus your attention and energy on what you do want until you feel that peaceful stillness inside you. When you do this, you will be easily and effortlessly guided to the next right and perfect step to take. Doors will open and it will seem as if everyone is conspiring to lift you into place and move you toward your goal. The next right and perfect step may or may not seem or appear to be “logical” in the traditional sense of the word. That next right and perfect step may invoke fear, worry or doubt in others. Does the next right and perfect step seem right to you? Check in with your gut. If you knew you could not disappoint anyone else, given the choice of two different steps to take, which one would disappoint you if you took it? Which one would make you truly feel good inside? Then take that step!

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan

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