Welcome to Day 5 of our 30 day celebration of the 5th Anniversary of
Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, by Paula Langguth Ryan – where we’re answering 30 questions about tithing!

Hi Paula. Quick question: Doesn’t a tithe have to be 10%? I thought a tithe meant “a tenth” – people aren’t really tithing if they’re giving less than that, are they?

I encourage you not to plant the seed in yourself or anyone else that a 1%, 2%, 5% or 8% tithe isn’t a tithe. While the root of the world “tithe” is “tenth”, the word actually means the first part, or a portion, and is about the consciousness behind the giving, not the amount or percentage that is given.

Psychologically, we set ourselves and others up for failure when we disdain or denigrate or devalue what is given. When we affirm that a 1% tithe isn’t a tithe, that is exactly what we’re doing.

While it may be a matter of semantics to some and a matter of perception to others, the goal of the Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Program is to create the reality that people are tithing from right consciousness rather than tithing from the appearance that 1% isn’t a tithe.

By affirming that the amount given isn’t REALLY tithing unless it is 10%, you sabotage the intention behind the effort before it gets rolling! When you create the reality that a tithe is made from right consciousness, you set yourself and others up for SUCCESS.

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan

PS I encourage you to download the free study guide for the tithing mastery program, grab your copy of Giving Thanks and set aside 1 hour for each of the next 10 weeks to listen to one of the Tithing Mastery Study Course sessions. It’s like having your own study group from the comfort of your own home!